Obama, libertarian paternalist?

There’s been some chatter recently about whether Barack Obama is a libertarian paternalist. The conversation continues today over at the Economist’s Free Exchange. We wanted to highlight one post from reader Stephen Morris who, responding to libertarian critics of libertarian paternalism, argues that the notion of a “standard libertarian view” is a myth. Read his comment here.

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One Response to “Obama, libertarian paternalist?”

  1. couldabeen Says:

    That’s interesting about the paternalist part. I think Obama definitely is that. I don’t know about the libertarian part. I have to think about it.

    As for the candidates, I have been back and forth, but I made my decision on this:

    I read Hillary Clinton’s book and Obama’s 2 books. I looked at their websites (and McCain’s) and I signed up for email alerts from all three of them. I like Clinton the best b/c
    1) I found Obama to not patriotic enough. I am not big on flag waving, etc. but I think the president has got to be pretty patriotic. I saw that in Clinton and McCain. They really love America. Clinton is honest about the problems, which McCain seems blind to, but I don’t question that both care about the country as a nation. I don’t know that I am saying this very well, but Obama seems more like a local politician, good with people, but not the big picture. And he seems to kind of hate that he is biracial, which I found odd.

    2) Clinton sends me the least email. McCain sends me tons. It’s overkill, but I learn a lot. The problem is, I don’t like what I read.

    So I would like to see Clinton run against McCain, but from there I don’t know. Probably Clinton, but I like to keep an opened mind.

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