Where do your taxes go?

The Tax Prof has an interactive applet for those curious about exactly how your taxes are distributed. Below is a hypothetical example of someone who pays $25,000 in taxes. (You can adjust the calculations based on your own payment.)

Of the $25,000 you paid in taxes:

$10,500 goes to Past and Current Military
$5,500 goes to Health
$2,500 goes to Interest on Non-Military Debt
$2,250 goes to Anti-Poverty Programs
$1,000 goes to Education, Training & Social Services
$1,000 goes to Government & Law Enforcement
$750 goes to Housing & Community Development
$750 goes to Environment, Energy & Science
$500 goes to Agriculture, Commerce and Transportation
$250 goes to International Relations



4 Responses to “Where do your taxes go?”

  1. Jen Says:

    A suggestion for a nudge: At the top of the 1040 tax form, give people the chance to opt out of (rather than into) the $3 donation to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. Participation now hovers around 10%, so it would not be unreasonable to hope for a tripling or quadrupling of the Fund contributions through this small change.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What about social security????????

  3. Me Says:

    Social Security is taken out of your paycheck seperate from the fed income tax. So, if you paid $25k in income taxes, you probably also paid another $10k in FICA which went entirely to social security.

  4. anomynous Says:

    we have so much taxes to pay its incredible

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