Which nudges are “ready for primetime”?

From reader Steven Miller:

Just finished your book – bravo! If other readers are like me, they will want to DO something after reading Nudge that would help put some of your Nudges in place. On the other hand, being Humans, we will not readily know how to do this. Here’s the idea:

On your webpage, list the nudges of a given type (say, those relevant to federal policy) that are closest to being “ready for primetime” and let people vote for the one that they would be most in support of by contributing some money to an advocacy fund. Maybe this money could be used to help the experts in the realm of the winning Nudge to lobby on the idea’s behalf. Having just read the book, many people will have identified strongly with a particular suggestion you make, and this process may provide a channeling of their enthusiasm.

We have certain nudges that we are most partial to, but first we’re curious which nudges – from the book or the blog – you think should be adopted by organizations or governments soon.



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