Read the fine print on your next rental car contract

A devilish little default rule in Avis rental car contracts:

“You may bill all charges, parking/traffic tickets included, to the card I use for payment, without any additional signature by me on a voucher.”

These defaults are increasingly backed up by state and city laws (plus more enforcement cameras to catch red-light runners). Joe Sharkey says this means…

…that in some places, tickets issued through enforcement cameras are classified in the same category as parking tickets — which, of course, are slapped on a windshield, and cite the vehicle owner, not a specific driver. In these cases, if you are driving your own car, you are responsible, as the owner, for the ticket. If you are driving a rented car, the rental car company is responsible and can choose to settle the fine and then bill you for its costs. Either way, penalty points are not assessed because a specific driver has technically not been convicted.

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