Does the Prius’ fuel gauge change driving habits?

From the New Republic:

There are few things Americans–especially of the male variety–love more than either cars or competition, and the two in combination are a nearly unbeatable pair. Which is why we’re pleased by the recent trend in the automobile industry, in which it’s become increasingly common for carmakers to include fuel-efficiency gauges that display prominently the number of miles per gallon a car is getting at each instant. Toyota’s Prius, among other models, comes with such a gauge, and Nissan announced last year that all new vehicles will be equipped with one. In trials, the gauge has prompted smoother and more efficient driving, which can increase fuel efficiency by 10 percent or more.

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One Response to “Does the Prius’ fuel gauge change driving habits?”

  1. DCG Says:

    If you like the idea of competition in fuel efficiency, take a look at Hypermiling:

    I’m not sure how *safe* a method of driving this is … but it is interesting.

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