A reader asks why appliances are preset to energy-hog mode?

Ruth Fleischer writes:

Many household appliances are designed for worst case energy use (at energy levels that are frequently wasteful and unnecessary.) These appliances may have an energy saver switch for lighter loads, air drying etc, but choosing the energy-saving alternative requires a conscious choice, usually with each use. Why not make the energy saving mode the default and the energy boosting alternative the special and conscious case?


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2 Responses to “A reader asks why appliances are preset to energy-hog mode?”

  1. venturellak Says:

    This really is something to think about. I know a lot of appliances have multiple settings, but the consumer does not know if the performance would be equal or lesser. That should be more clear on the label.

  2. Travis Walker Says:

    Speaking of appliances, I have always wondered why digital microwaves will allow you to unintentionally enter longer times (i.e. six minutes when you really wanted sixty seconds) than you wanted. I have burned a lot of left overs doing this…This is a problem that I did not have when microwaves were equpied with a turn-style timer.

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