Urinals part IV

From Germany comes the “Piss Screen — An interactive experience – not to be mistaken for the Wii”

This almost unbelievable, almost ridiculous video game urinal is no joke. And its origins are serious too. It’s developers teamed up with Frankfurt Taxi Services to try and persuade drunks to take taxis home. The challenge, they say, was to grab drunks’ attentions. “Well, where do most people go when they’re drunk? (Apart from the bar, that is. Or maybe a kebab.)” they ask? “They go to the toilet,” where they are met by a Gran Turismo-like video game where your urine controls your car. The game starts when you, well, begin.

The overall design of the driving game was similar in style to that of Need for Speed, requiring relatively quick reactions. Obviously the more drunk you are, the slower your response, reinforcing the effects of alcohol to the gamer. The game ultimately culminates in a shocking crash-sequence, leaving the viewer with little doubt as to the repercussions of driving while drunk.

Visit the web site, with videos about the product and how it was made.

(Hat tip: Andrew Webber)

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