John Edwards nudges college students out of their shower

A group of Oberlin college students have posted a picture on John Edwards on their shower ceiling to help them shorten the length of their showers — saving water and energy.

The shower’s energy-saving motivational accessories include a picture of former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina plastered to the ceiling. That was Ms. Bob-Waksberg’s idea. No one wants to linger in the shower with someone staring down from the ceiling, she said. “You could also look at it another way,” she said, “that John Edwards is encouraging me to take a shorter shower.” Why Mr. Edwards? “He had the strongest global warming policies of any of the candidates,” Mr. Brown said.

Which politicians or celebrities would get you out of the shower quickly? A picture of the shower, taken by a New York Times photographer is shown below:


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One Response to “John Edwards nudges college students out of their shower”

  1. standaloneguy Says:

    How odd.

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