Plugging gmail

Reader John Windmueller sends a note asking about a nudge to help remind him (and others) to attachment documents to emails. “It’s odd that I go a week without receiving (or, ok, having to send) an apologetic email to colleagues with a file that was referenced, but not attached, to an earlier email,” he writes.

The Nudge blog is sympathetic to this situation, and recommends making the switch to gmail since it offers an attachment reminder service to its users. If you include the word attach (ed, ment, etc.) but do not attach a file to your email, gmail will ask you if you wanted to attach a file. Microsoft Outlook users appear to be able to add a macro to the program for a similar reminder.

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One Response to “Plugging gmail”

  1. doidimaiscorporation Says:

    Gmail Labs offers all sort of little nudges.

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