Management guru Tom Peters has been reading Nudge

And Peters, whose been helping organizations work better for more than a quarter-century, is raving about it on his blog.

Well, I’ve come full circle. The hell with the big stuff (most of which most of us can’t do anyway), let’s seek out the little levers—with very high impact. Now along comes Nudge (fabulous title), which chronicles such an approach, digesting in a readable (entertaining, actually) fashion three decades of research in what’s called “behavioral economics.” Don’t be put off by the term that sounds like typical economists’ gibberish. (To me, anyway.)

The point is that if you put the good stuff (fruit, say) before the bad stuff (high-carb goop) in a cafeteria display line, you’d be amazed at the impact—e.g., a hundred diet books’ worth.



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