Help for Medicaid decision makers

The Center for Health Care Strategies just rolled out a web-based tool for state Medicaid agencies and health plans to develop long-term health care strategies and return-on-investment forecasts. Officials provide information about state target population characteristics, total program costs, and expected changes in health care utilization to estimate potential savings for various health care initiatives. Forecasts are based on a database of results from studies that CHCS says are of “high priority to Medicaid stakeholders, including asthma, diabetes, congestive heart failure, and high-risk pregnancy.”

Ultimately, CHCS would like to see the ROI Forecasting Calculator for Quality Initiatives used to facilitate budget discussions about quality investments, improving understanding of the time horizon for payoff of such investments. Just as the budget implications of cuts in Medicaid eligibility and benefits can be estimated, decision makers should be able to project the costs and benefits of investments in quality. By using the ROI Forecasting Calculator for Quality Initiatives, Medicaid stakeholders will be better able to assess and demonstrate the financial implications of quality investments beyond their upfront costs, with an eye toward the longer term.

Look forward to follow-ups on the success of these forecasts.


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