A reader worries about indefinite relationships

When it comes to long-term relationships (no, not that kind…), reader László Sándor, from Hungary, thinks requiring choice keeps us on our toes.

When there is no choice whatsoever, the ‘default’ option the easiest to miss. I propose that anybody who wants to promote choice should rule out indefinite relationships! How many more people would look for another doctor, or even school for their kids if they received a letter each year notifying them that their current “subscription” has expired, and they need to choose again. Even for colleges, PhD adviser-candidate relationships or employee-employer relationships, there could be benefits (though which party would benefit more from the increased flexibility in the latter case is dubious and somewhat ominous). My newspaper subscription expires each year, and I do consider whether I want to keep it. If only I would be that conscious with my doctor or my insurer. Even if the ongoing relationship remains the default option, it would be a big step forward.



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