The a la carte method for saving money

Ramit Sethi has an interesting blog post, “The A La Carte Method: Use Psychology Against Yourself to Save Money.” The method, which Sethi, author of the forthcoming I Will Teach You to Be Rich, says was partially inspired by ideas in Nudge, instructs wannabe savers to cut out major subscriptions in their lives (Netflix, cable, gym, magazines, Amazon Prime, fruit of the month, etc.) and instead pay for them one visit or item at a time, preferably using cash. (It’s similar to the paygo idea in politics where politicians promise to spend money on programs only when they have guaranteed tax revenue to fund them.) A la carte succeeds by making costs salient, at the small cost of making life less automatic.

Continue reading the post here.


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One Response to “The a la carte method for saving money”

  1. Mark Nelson Says:

    His book should be really interesting

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