Amazon says the best price for Nudge is 17 (insert your currency here)

Amazon has priced Nudge consistently, well, except for the whole exchange rate part.

Amazon UK – £17.10 or $33.96 (according to current exchange rates)
Amazon Canada – 16.72 CDN or $16.51
Amazon Germany – 16.45 Euros or $25.87
Amazon Austria – 16.45 Euros or $25.87
Amazon France – 16.83 Euros or $26.48
Amazon U.S. – $17.16

Because of the yen, Amazon Japan’s price looks different but is actually about the same as in Europe (2955 Yen or $27.62). If someone knows the Chinese character for Nudge, or how to search on Amazon China, send an email our way.

Amazon’s pricing appears similar to Apple’s iTunes in some ways, but different in others. For instance, Apple has pushed for a single pan-European pricing system, but had to settle for some variations in European prices because of individual agreements with record companies and other music partners. Earlier this year, European Commission pressured Apple to lower U.K. prices, which had been as much as 10 percent higher. Apple then announced it would standardize prices across Europe at .99 (or about $1.56 today). Amazon’s European pricing follows a similar model, with a very slight difference in euro costs.

Unlike Apple, which restricts purchases across countries unless you have a credit card in that foreign country, Amazon allows you to buy products at any of its international sites in the local currency and convert it using the Amazon currency calculator. But don’t get too excited! Says Amazon:

In addition to the exchange rate, additional foreign conversion charges and fees may be applicable, all which increase the final cost of your purchase.

We’d love to hear from any of our European readers about exactly how large those fees are. Is it cheaper to buy Nudge on the U.S. site with the Euro?



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