Investing humor

The Behavior Gap keeps a log of amusing quotes about our financial frailty including this one from author Jonathan Clements: ““If you want to see the greatest threat to your financial future, go home and take a look in the mirror.”

There are also a few Indexed-esque venn diagrams like this one about when you know if your stock picks are likely to bomb.


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2 Responses to “Investing humor”

  1. moneymanagement Says:

    Love the diagram

  2. franchisefool Says:

    In Franchising, I would substitute the words “Buying a Job” for the “Entertainment” circle.

    Modern franchising is primarily a wealth re-distribution [v. creation] exercise.

    Terrific book and the “new” F.T.C. Franchise Rule is a prime candidate for “Nudgology”. The idea that more pre-sale disclosure is better would be humorous if it weren’t so toxic to Mom-and-Pop investors.

    The onus should be inverted: Which one TO Why any.

    Les Stewart MBA
    Midhurst, Canada

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