Calorie count labels in NYC are TMI!

We like labels that give more information (clear readable information, that is). Earlier this year, New York City became first in the country to pass a law requiring chain restaurants to post calorie counts for each food item in the same size and font as the price. New Yorkers took notice.

Despite the eye-opening revelations, whether New Yorkers will switch to lower calorie meals remains to be seen. They may just switch menus. That’s what Fowler, the woman who was dining recently with her friends at T.G.I. Friday’s, decided to do.

“I’m so upset,” she said, noting some entrees — like the Jack Daniels ribs and shrimp dinner — contain almost 2,000 calories, and the desserts were more of the same (the brownie obsession is 1,500 calories). “I wish they wouldn’t have done this.”

But then Fowler noticed that the waiter had handed her friend an old menu, which didn’t have calorie counts on it.

“You got a menu without anything on it?” she asked her friend. “Can I have yours?”

Maybe a black market for old, small-font menus will spring up.


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2 Responses to “Calorie count labels in NYC are TMI!”

  1. Neil L Says:

    And what about portion sizes? 2000 calories is enough to feed two if not three people so surely they should reduce the portion size, thus reducing the calorific content and possibly the price, although if they buy local, seasonal organic produce maybe the price will stay the same.

  2. Biggly Calorie Software Says:

    That’s a classic!

    I’m currently putting together a video for my diet software and found this while looking for inspiration. I’ve often found people are shocked and surprised at what their eating but have long suspected that many people quite literally don’t want to know.

    This confirms it, absolutely.


    “Can I have yours?” = Can I have your wilful ignorance?

    Tip for that lady – when your body runs out of ‘credit’ there’s no bailout. You can stick your finances on a card and pretend it aint there but you can’t do that with your health or physique.

    I can understand it; it’s very human but it’s an eye-opener to see the extent people will go to keep both eyes wide-shut.


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