Choose a government program for your tax dollars

You can’t choose your tax rate, but what if you could choose a government program to fund with you tax dollars? In an (admittedly somewhat gimmicky) idea similar to the voluntary presidential campaign financing box at the top of every tax form, the government would give you the option of devoting a small amount of your taxes to a program of your choice, including financing public debt. Libertarians might not be able to find anything government does that they approve of, but even a short list of, say, 25 programs could include priorities amenable to liberals and conservatives. The purpose of the initiative would not be to fundamentally change government spending patterns. Rather, it would be to establish an means of direct participation and feeling of active decision making in government. At the end of the year, the government might produce a brief accounting of exactly what program monies were spent on.


One Response to “Choose a government program for your tax dollars”

  1. james Says:

    it fits the ‘nudge’ philosophy and could work if handled with care. You might like a presentation i made on a related idea which is up my site regarding this subject.

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