A description of nudge that we like

…”The Harry Potter of the policy world this summer.” (From PIRC)

Hopefully it’s a reference to the book’s popularity and impact, not that it’s a children’s book that can be enjoyed by adults. We invite readers to post their best descriptions of Nudge.



2 Responses to “A description of nudge that we like”

  1. Jay J Says:

    *A first of its kind manual introducing a revolution in policy making, this time of a softer kind, bound to change the landscape nonetheless.

    *The bible of modest social engineering.

    * A tour de force of persuasion, not coercion.

    *The word Nudge now has a new meaning: The harmonious coexistence of progress and freedom.

    OK that’s all I got…

  2. Barbara Preuninger Says:

    Here’s one:

    “We need to accept that paternalism is sometimes necessary. This book is essentially a spoonful of sugar that makes the idea more palatable.”

    (Not sure if that’s praise or criticism…)

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