An grocery delivery service that lets you see when its vans have plans to be in your neighborhood

Ocado, a U.K. grocery delivery service operates a green van that allows shoppers to take delivery at times when a delivery truck is already planning to be in their neighborhood. The screen shot below shows green vans for delivery stops that are already scheduled in this user’s neighborhood. We hope Peapod, which may be familiar to our American readers, is paying attention.

For customers who want to be green, but find alternative times more convenient, an additional option to this service could be allowing customers to select two times, a green time, and a convenient but non-green back-up time. Customers would agree to take delivery from the van that is already in their neighborhood at a given time, but would have their delivery changed to the back-up time (which is more convenient for them, but not as green) if a minimum of, say, four customers also chose it as their back-up time.

Hat tip: Rory Sutherland.

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