An anti-domestic violence beer mug nudge

From the Czech Republic.

The fine print says: “Men in Czech Republic consume the most beer in all of the Europe. Unfortunately, the beer changes many of them into aggressors upon arriving home. In order to stop this domestic alco-violence, we redesigned the trademark beer mugs of our client Bernard brewery to preventatively warn its beer drinkers to not lose control over their drinking.”

Will it work? Elle, phd is skeptical.



One Response to “An anti-domestic violence beer mug nudge”

  1. Brewologist Says:

    It will only make them angrier. The print is blocking the view of their beloved beer! How could that possibly help?

    But seriously, the problem is not the beer, it’s the drinker. Why are they aggressive? The answer lies beyond the consumption of alcohol. Maybe a poster on the wall would be a better idea, since not all drinkers are going to go home and abuse their wives.

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