Another printer nudge

First from Paul Brest, and now from Brad Hall.

Why isn’t collate the default option on printer settings? It should really not even be an option (who wants to sort a large file?), but at the very least it should be the default. Almost everyone has probably forgotten to click that box once and regretted that misstep.


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2 Responses to “Another printer nudge”

  1. oinkinkstore Says:

    Do not forget about the “Normal” quality setting. Most users do not need to print on normal. Draft, quick, or fast mode gives them what they want faster and using less ink. If they need a better quality, change it for that print only.

  2. John Says:

    The collate as default option is excellent. I’m not convinced re: the comment about changing the default printer to “draft/quick/fast.” On many printers I’ve found the mode to really be iffy quality, not even suitable for comfortably reviewing a draft document.

    Speaking of feedback, my university’s administrators are constantly making what seem like random, blanket admonishments of faculty and staff being too cavalier with copy machines. Frankly, I’d love it if we had the feedback option of–on the copier itself–seeing the average copies per day on the machine and a comparison with averages for the university as a whole. No draconian punishments threatened for high-use machines. There might be great reasons for it. But the feedback would still be handy for the users themselves, much like the “average mpg” feedback in my car (and mentioned in Nudge).

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