Assorted links

More college cafeterias are eliminating trays. Unfortunately, Time Magazine decided to call this decision an act of “war,” vitiating the editorial judgment of its headline writers.

Tim Harford and Pete Lunn debate the impact of behavioral economics in the Prospect (the U.K. version), which reviewed the book in July. Harford says behavioral economics isn’t a big deal; Lunn says it is.
Addendum: Harford also wrote a column for the Financial Times cautioning Tories about their eager embrace of “nudging,” and distinguishing it from libertarian paternalism.

Do behavioral biases affect the macroeconomy? The punch line: “Collectively, our evidence indicates that the high risk sharing potential of financial markets is not fully realized because the aggregate behavioral biases of individual investors impede state-level risk sharing.” (Hat tip: Mostly Economics)

One of the cheapest ways to channel your anger at the IRS.



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