Pick your favorite alternative for the term “choice architecture”

Philip Frankenfeld, winner of New York Times columnist John Tierney’s contest to name the carbon footprint lapel pin (the iPed), has come up with 26 alternatives for the term “choice architecture.” Pick a favorite of his, or suggest your own. We’ll hold off on announcing our favorite for the moment.

1. Choice boxed; foxed.
2. Choice grooved: moved.
3. Mind designed.
4. Act tracked.
5. To the vectors go the spoils.
6. Thought taught.
7. Mind inclined.
8. Route’s rut.
9. The star quality, dear Brutus, lies not in ourselves but in default.
10. Default, dear Brutus is set not by ourselves but by the czars.
11. Rut, set. Strut, Fret.
12. Gourd’s grid.
13. Choice framed, gamed, tamed, aimed.
14. Hid bid grid.
15. Cognition canalized.
16. Choice schemed; streamed.
17. Fate funneled.
18. Choice channeled.
19. Pinball wizardry.
20. ConTEMPLATEtion
21. Slot-taught thought.
22. New and engrooved.
23. The grooves of academe.
24. Decide guide.
25. Menupulation.
26. Reined. Laned.



6 Responses to “Pick your favorite alternative for the term “choice architecture””

  1. Tucker Says:

    I’ll go with 7

  2. Anittah Patrick Says:

    I* cut; you choose.

    Works for cake. * shrug *

    * Beneficent libertarienne maternalist, bien sur

  3. Kirk Hartley Says:

    # 24 – decide guide – 2 words say it all, and indeed “guide” is not far from “nudge”

  4. Cherie Says:

    I like 3. “Mind designed” easy to understand!

  5. Maria Says:

    I like 13, although it’s a bit long to use all the time, and 17 is also good.

  6. Philip Frankenfeld Says:

    Rawls’ cake cutting choice architecture cited by Attinah Patrick is a prime example of “mete cute”.

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