Carbon Diem calculates your carbon footprint

Last spring, John Tierney channeled Nudge to propose a carbon counting lapel pin that Philip Frankenfeld later dubbed the iPed. Now it’s here. (It might have been there all along, according to some). But it’s not a lapel pin. It’s a carbon counting calculator for your cell phone.

Dubbed Carbon Diem, the software is supposed to be smart enough to determine your carbon footprint based on your movements.

(It’s developer) told me it’s just about always accurate in detecting trips taken by train or plane or subway, and was right more than two-thirds of the time in distinguishing bus trips from car trips. (It has a harder time if you’re jogging or cycling, so you have to manually classify those trips.)

The software isn’t consumer-ready yet. Its developer is shooting for early 2009, and hopes some consumers will be willing to post their footprints online (We think finding people won’t be huge a problem). Tierney opens up the floor for alternative names for this calculator. Submit yours here.



2 Responses to “Carbon Diem calculates your carbon footprint”

  1. Philip Frankenfeld Says:

    In fairness, the name chosen for the lapel pin via the collective wisdom of those offering comments to TierneyLab–within the Habermasian hootenanny–was uPed.

    iPed was collectively deemed too close to iPod.

    “Uped”–pronounced “upped”–means to be shown up–which such a device does.

    “u” in uPed stands for universal, utilitarian, Ulyssean pre-proscription on impulsive behavior to further larger goals–conscious sedition/amassed restraint/tamed and tied wooed by no one–and for the fact that reducing one’s carbon footprint depends on you.

    Names for the cellphone that measures one’s carbon footprint from different modes of transportation and activities:

    1. Self-Own–It’s your print; and your obligation. You own it. And have a stake in it and in its consequences. Insert joke here about Nero’s taxes on small businesses: Self-own Roman charges.
    2. Moditor–Modular monitor of intermodal modes of tranpsortation and other activities + footprints of modernity
    3. MaxSmart–Maximizes smart use of one’s resources to minimize global carbon footprint. From Maxwell Smart, as this is a shoeprint phone. Name may be eighty-sixed.
    4. Phoneomnemon–Mnemonic on phone to remind one of one’s carbon footprint; and to nudge one to reduce it.
    5. Solephone–Cellphone + sole of carbon footprint
    6. Investigegater–Invests your vested interest + gatekeeeper + vestige (footprint)
    7. Celleanium–Cellphone + lean or nudge
    8. Digogenous–Diogenes/search for just people + digital + endogenous looping of one’s footprint within one’s oikos on the exogenous world
    9. Accellerater–Rater + access + cellphone + acceleration of reducing one’s carbon footprint.
    10. Cellvestige the Phone–A bit rocky.


  2. Lauren Says:

    Does it incorporate data about what you eat? Diet contributes greatly to our carbon footprints.

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