Happy election day. Do you intend to vote? Where is your polling location?

Seven poor ballot designs – and seven solutions – in this interactive graphic based on work by AIGA, the professional association for designers. (See our previous post on election ballots here.)


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3 Responses to “Happy election day. Do you intend to vote? Where is your polling location?”

  1. chasgun Says:

    (I share this public letter)

    dear editor,

    I submit that the next President of the United States will be the Ronald Reagan of the Democratic party.

    In an excellent collection of papers published in the November 17 number of THE NEW YORKER magazine it is made apparent that moderation has the ear of the young president-elect. The loud advocates of left wing huge mindless government programs have the attention of print, radio, and television. The public in general does not yet know the writers and thinkers who are our new leader’s guide.

    Do you want to know a secret? The name to look for in days and weeks and months ahead is Cass Sunstein. In his new book NUDGE:improving decisions about health, wealth, and happiness (Yale, 2008) Dr Sunstein provides enormous support for a mild mix of government and private sector solutions to the vexing economic problems the world now faces.

    President Ronald Reagan did not take America back into some dark time of anti-government chaos as his extreme critics had predicted. He liberated the magic of the market economy from the heavy hand of government planning. The transformative presidents all produce reform from the center-right or the center-left. As every student of American history knows FDR didn’t destroy free enterprise, rather he rescued and saved it until this very present and precarious hour.

    It is such a moment of transformation once again in American history. A young and intelligent leader waits in the wings of history’s greatest experiment in self-government. Let not the voices of fear and ignorance malign his mind nor that of his advisors.

    Our best wishes to you Barrack Obama and to that Reagan-like tone you bring with you. If the past is guide at all to our future it just may soon be “springtime in America” again. Isn’t that right?


  2. John Says:

    Has the election’s result killed the blog? I sure hope not.

  3. Tristan Says:

    Yeah, what happened?

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