A college health clinic devises a nudge to separate the weary from the wily

Call this another example of choice architects adjusting to crafty patrons. (Click here for the coffee shop example.) The health service at a school that shall remain nameless has altered its rest policy in light of a crush of “fatigued” students. The health service has slightly raised the cost of a visit for those who are just looking to escape from an assignment. We bet fatigue, real or otherwise, runs highest during exam period, which is wrapping up at schools around the country just about now.

Due to the increased incidences of students coming into the health clinic to “rest” during the academic period, we have re-initiated a policy from previous years.  The policy states that those students that come in the clinic and need to rest for more than an hour during the academic day will be asked to rest and refrain from social engagements, during the evening. The dorm staff will be reinforcing this policy with the students.

The “evening health restriction” policy will help those students that need a little extra rest and down time in the evening rejuvenate themselves, so that they are available for learning the following day.

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2 Responses to “A college health clinic devises a nudge to separate the weary from the wily”

  1. Tom Says:

    This reminds me of my mother’s policy (nudge) on sick days. If I was to miss school because I didn’t feel well, I had to spend the day in bed. This of course was in the day when your bedroom only contained your bed, desk and a dresser for clothes. Not much fun.

    Needless to say that I went years without missing school.

  2. Diedra Says:

    Thanks for the interesting article.

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