Wanted: A nudge for finishing the holiday to-do list

David Giacalone of f/k/a in the Harvard Law blogosphere laments that the Nudge blog lacks a “relevant Holiday Nudge to get me working on that To Do List right now.” He says he’s hunting for something “specific for turning on (much less sustaining or modeling) holiday spirit.” Something like a “’holiday decision tree’ for working past my punchbowl procrastination and finding seasonal renewal and inspiration.”

Readers are encouraged to post their best tips for completing their holiday to-do lists.

Addendum: Turns out that mom was the best nudge for f/k/a.


4 Responses to “Wanted: A nudge for finishing the holiday to-do list”

  1. david giacalone Says:

    Thanks for pointing back at me and trying to give me a hand working up some holiday spirit. Of course, instead of attacking that List (much less checking it twice), I’m procrastinating checking out my Statistics Page.

    I was called the resident “noodge” back at the FTC 30 years ago.

    Happy Holidays to all the Nudgers.

  2. Bob Says:

    Not exactly a nudge but;

    1. Decorate tree and hang lights and enjoy environment with a rum and eggnog.

    2. Pickup giftcards at Chapters and enjoy a holiday latte at Starbucks.

    3. Write/email Christmas wishes to friends and family, in front of the fireplace, while enjoying a glass of wine.

    4. Journey out to the mall to purchase 3 gifts before stopping at the bakery for Christmas pudding.

    5. Shop for groceries for Christmas dinner while nibbling on a couple sugar cookies.

    6. Make a donation to a charity – just because it is the right thing to do.

  3. nycpeoplewatcher Says:

    Put a post-it on your bathroom mirror that reads, “HOLIDAYS!” I guarantee the first morning you see it, it’ll surprise you.

  4. david giacalone Says:

    Thanks for your help. It ends up that nudging maternalism (my mother’s gentle mix of modeling and guilt) has finally got me off (and covering) my holiday butt. See http://tinyurl.com/HolidayNudge . Best holiday wishes to all the Nudgers.

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