Got an idea for a nudge in medicine? It could lead to fame and fortune.*

Changemakers, an initiative of the social entrepreneurship non-profit Ashoka, has partnered with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to look for great nudges in medicine. Got an idea for the next medical checklist? The next smart pillbox?


The contest is officially open, and will remain that way until May 8, 2009. It has been designed with transparency in mind. All of the submissions will be available online for others to read and discuss. A panel of judges will select a group of 10-15 finalists. The competition’s community of readers will then vote (American Idol style) in late May for three winners, each of whom will receive $5,000 in seed money to put their nudge into practice. So far, the judges include Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab Director Brian Wansink, University of California-San Francisco Medical School pediatrics professor H. Carrie Chen, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneer Portfolio leader, Paul Tarini. Others may join later.

All the information you’ll need to enter is here.

*Fame and fortune not guaranteed, of course.

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