A reader spots a convenience store nudge

Paul Sweeney writes in about a retail store sales manager:

A friend of mine stopped selling lighters and only stocked matches. When asked why he said, “It stops the riff raff from coming in,” which of course means less need to stock low, low cost beers in the front of shop, opening up new stock, and increasing the safety in the shop.


2 Responses to “A reader spots a convenience store nudge”

  1. T McNeill Says:

    I frequent a convenience store in my neighborhood that used to sell individual cigarettes, called “loosies”. This attracted a lot of “riff raff”, rude, unkempt, foul people. One day I had a discussion with the owner, who was complaining to me about these customers and I told him if he stopped selling the loose cigarettes and cheap beer he would attract an entirely different type of customer. He actually took my advice and a month later he completely renovated the store and restocked his shelves with only organic and healthy products. Today, he makes twice the amount of money and has a totally different customer base. He thanks me every time I visit the store.

  2. tokyobling Says:

    This is an amazing nudge. This kind of nudge could go on the list of “Five examples defining nudges” to explain the concept to newbies. Right underneath the urinal fly. Thanks Mr. McNeill for another great example. I have plenty more from where I live in Japan (Tokyo is surely the capital of nudges in both the positive and the negative sense).

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