Want people to lose weight? Put a mirror in front of the donuts.

Richard Thaler appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America last week. As part of the package, the correspondent ran an unscientific experiment of the breakfast buffet table at a local office, tweaking the presentation of the food to see the effects on eating habits. Elevating fruit on display platters is a good idea. Putting mirrors in front of the donuts works even better. The clip, which lasts about 5 minutes, is here.


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11 Responses to “Want people to lose weight? Put a mirror in front of the donuts.”

  1. Ske Says:

    Excellent article!! Keep ’em coming!

  2. Jennifer Linsdale Says:

    This is precisely why I refuse to take part in office snacking – it’s shocking to see how many terribly overweight people who eat donuts, bagels and other snacks all day!

    Then they complain that no diet works for them!


  3. Deborah Barnett, PhD Says:

    It is facinating to see how much the subject of an individual’s focus impacts what they choose. I wonder what would happen if we all focused on more positive things in life, including healthier choices in eating?

  4. Francis Says:

    This is very interesting – sometimes we think there is a ‘secret’ to losing weight when really just good old fashioned sense is what is going to get us there in the end.
    Maybe it is time for the business world to step up to the plate and provide fruit , raw nuts, low fat cheeses, hummus, fat free crackers and vegetable sticks instead of the usual baked goods.
    Many of us could do with ditching the diet mentality and replacing it with eating for our health.
    The work place may be the place to start.

  5. dietditch Julie Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I used to find donuts so yummy! but now my tastes have changed and I no longer have any desire for them, would rather have a bit of fresh fruit.

  6. Nikki Says:

    This experiment is similar to the “endless bowl of soup” done by Dr. Wansink’s researchers. The bowl never emptied (refilled from the bottom) and participants overate massively — ignoring their appetites and signs of fullness.

    Good post!

  7. Jessica Says:

    Should have a mirror inside the refrigerator, haha, great stuff

  8. Chelsea, keeping weight off with tea Says:

    I believe it’s all about moderation. Especially when it comes to foods like donuts, chips, ice cream, cakes – basically everything in the fridge (or outside the fridge. lol) But yess, it’s a nifty idea – mirrors in front of the donuts. Wait, why not go the extra mile with talking mirrors! 🙂

  9. Bill Says:

    You can eat anything so long as you don’t go over board. It’s about doing the exercise to go with it, even if thats just going for a walk or swimming in your local pool.

  10. Amberayn(Health Nut) Says:

    Man , I think if people just plain chose to eat healthier instead of always eating Krisy creme donuts we wouldnt have anything to worry
    about. I had to get myself back on track using Para slim.
    It helped keep the office donuts off my stomach. Great writing

  11. ben king Says:

    yes it is true, all you need to do is stick a mirror infront of yourself it wont lie to you.

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