Watch out for comcast’s customer service survey

The default settings are for good customer service, reports reader Donnie Hall:

I recently signed up for internet service with Comcast, using their online ordering system which is completed via online chat with a representative. This was a very good experience compared to talking on the phone, so I wanted to leave some great feedback at the conclusion of my order. When I reached the feedback screen, I noticed that all the answers had had their defaults set to the most “Comcast-friendly” option. I did have a good experience, but I felt like this took away from my good feedback, as most people probably would just submit the feedback form with all the defaults checked. Comcast is very clever if they are looking for ways to boost their customer service ratings.



22 Responses to “Watch out for comcast’s customer service survey”

  1. Comcastcares1 Says:

    I am happy to know that you had a positive experience. I would also like to thank you about the survey. I will make sure that your feedback is shared with the appropriate department for evaluation.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. Joe Dreimann Says:

    HSBC in the UK asks people wo receive face to face advice to fill in a survey, and the Reps always ask at the end of the conversation (the survey would come through the post days later) if they feel happy answering all questions with “Very Satisfied” – quite an obvious nudge.

  3. tj Says:

    i’m glad you had a good experience because you are certainly rare…i have found that they are the worst customer service company in the nation and have been told that by insiders that service customer service contracts that comcast is horrible and from personal and professional experience i can truly say that there needs to be a law at the disdainful way this company operates…long story short, they are trying to charge me for internet service that never could be connected and equiipment that never once operated and was returned by their technician within a week…now two billing cycles later they are trying to charge for the equipment and the service…after speaking with their rude rep (who told me no i could not speak with a supervisor becasue i couldn’t be holding up her line waiting on one) i was told that i must pay the bill and that it would take six weeks to find the work order and the responsible technician and then i would be credited on the account…that means i would have to pay for services never rendered at least twice, then contact them to make sure the bill was then credited!…i am contacting al of my elected officials and every trade commission i can find out about that deals with such issues…reprehensible is a compliment compared to how they treat their customers…

  4. Pamela Says:

    I have been trying to get my phone ported to Comcast for 28 days now. Today was supposed to be the FINAL FINAL day of waiting. This after having service but no ring for three days. Customer Service called the NON-RINGING number to confirm the appointment and then when there was no answer because the PHONE DOES NOT RING, they cancelled the appointment. This was for an outside only service order which should not have involved my participation at all.

  5. Aron Zradays Says:

    Comcast does not do there own customer service. Most CSR’s are in the philipeanes for a company called nucomm / Transcom. Some states want north american people so they hire out to people in canada also nucomm / transcom. The one i worked for. In order for me to get a pay raise i had to ditch the customer in less then 7 mins. For Billing in Michigan, Flordia, CA, AZ, and others.. the number to the call center is 1866-842-4511 and the system will link to all other transcom comcast centers.

    PLease keep in mind comcast has no idea how people in other sub contractors are being trained. I happen to get fired from there for actually taking time to help people. My average talk time was 25 mins.. over 8 mins you get a meeting with a supervisor and no pay raise.

    • Michelle Says:

      I also work as a CSR at transcom for comcast and what you say is true with the average call handle time but keep in mind that the bad customer service reputation that comcast has came long before transcom/Nucomm took over. That reputation was gotten while convergys was doing their customer service. Plus most of the complaints I get are about pricing and technicians. And the mannila office hardly even takes calls now their main focus is directing the calls to centers, schedules and resource type stuff.

      • Aron Zradays Says:

        It’s too the point where i feel so bad for comcast customers. Before i quit / fired minnila was somewhat trans them off to us but they lie so badly to customers it’s crazy.. What kind of company does this to there customers? More then half the complaints are 100% legit…

  6. Jerry Says:

    I would be curious to know if they do their customer service survey in house or if it is outsourced.

  7. Aron Zradays Says:

    There survey is conducted by the same company as they outsource the service. When i asked a customer if they wanted a survey we just just an icon onb the bottom of the computer and poof they went to another dept. within transcom and the survey was taken. Honestly, there is no way to get in touch with the real comcast.

  8. Jason Says:

    Comcast sucks!!!!
    There customer service is even worst!!

  9. Patricia Triola Says:

    Today I packed up my modem, DVR and all my hookups and took them into the Santa Rosa office with the intention of leaving Comcast. I was unhappy with my bill and never using half of the things offered by Comcast to warrant such a large bill.

    When my number was called, I approached an associate in billing named Deanna. When I exclaimed that I was treated rudely by the 800 operators and I intended to go elsewhere for internet and tv hookup because I can get what I wanted for less money, Deanna showed me that Comcast can meet the competitors price and went way out of her way to accomodate my needs. Every customer rep should have her ability to communicate and the commitment to represent her company in the most efficient and patient way. Today Comcast won me back because of Deanna in the Santa Rosa office. Thanks for hiring her.

  10. Aron Zradays Says:

    Local office can do that. When you call the 800 number there powerless.. bottom line, if you need help from concast goto the local office. When you call the 800, you get a bunch of highschool / min. wage paied idiots that do not give 2 shits about you or comcast. I know i was one of them and when a customer called in yelling we would put them on hold for long periods, trans them to wrong areas of comcast and generaly not care. Our supervisiors had a 7 min max call time so the whole idea of comcast 800 if just to dump the customer.

    So yes, customer service with comcast sucks. there voip service is the worst i have ever seen, goto vonage at least it works.

    The DTA adapters have hidden menus as well to help with fixing them, but the reps are not alowed to tell you how to use them.

    Forgot t mention, after one year comcast will start billing rental charges for the `free dta` ..

  11. Anon Says:

    Im sorry but you deserve to get fired for a 25 minute AHT. I work in an advanced technical Q at comcast and my AHT is only 16. On Average, a billing call last around 5 or 6 minutes. 25 is just ridiculous.

  12. Mikey Says:


    I used to be a trainer at one nucomm/transcom sites in ontario. Now, before I was a trainer I worked in chat for Billing, Sales, Internet Tech, Phone Tech, and on the phones for Internet Tech and Billing.

    The average Comcast customer has small complaints that can easily handled. But out of the 40 something calls I would get in a shift, we would get 50% that we were powerless to help with. For example. I had a customer who’s house burnt down a year before. He had been calling for a year to have the cable and internet cancelled. But no one would do it and kept him at the lowest level of service “so he wouldn’t be charged the full amount each month” .. which I found sad and it angered me that the 100’s of agents didn’t cancel his service. Then after speaking with several supervisors, they all told me the same thing. The customer would have to go to local office to have the service disconnected. And local offices were the ones who wouldn’t disco him.

    Here’s the other side of the coin. We as call center agents are not really allowed to hang up on a customer. So I had a customer who called in and claimed they weren’t getting the hd channels they were supposed to. I checked their account and they had no HD Channels on their account nor did they have any HD boxes. I checked with the customer and they gave me the serial number of the supposed HD box and it matched the one in the system. Guess what, it wasn’t an HD box. I informed the customer and offered to upgrade the service and send out a tech to swap the box and the customer refused. Said he was already subscribed for the past year. Checked the account again and nope, no changes had been made. Explained that to the customer but he still refused said he had it. Long story short, the customer had me on that call for almost 2 hours. I couldn’t hang up cause he wasn’t swearing at me or anything. Half the calls we got were like that. I won’t even mention the $25 limit we had to charge a credit card for people who wanted to pay their bills. Yes thats right, we couldn’t (system wouldn’t let us) charge a credit card for more than $25 once on an account.

    So if your directly with comcast and not an outsourced center then I suggest you check and you will most likely find you have more authority than these outsourced agents or at least more access in the systems.

    The agents at my center all did their best to help the customer with the tools they had and we even got that limit on credit card payments upped to $500 when the comcast person finally came to our site and he spoke with the agents personally.

    So telling someone they deserved to get fired for a high call time is unreasonable if you don’t have all the facts.

  13. leaving comcast Says:

    Initially comcast was ok for the first couple of months, i signed on for bundle services. after several increases on my bill i phoned in time after time after time after time after time to request a paper bill outlining the reason for bill increase. only to have each customer service representative lie to me. after more phone calls i finally spoke with a supervisor and he assured me that i would receive the bill in the mail, it been 2 mos and i have yet to receive a bill outlining my charges. even after i disconnected the internet and home phone service comcast continued to charge me for each. comcast is simply a scam that charges for services you do not use. it was only after multiple calls that it was told comcast charges its customers one month in advance for services. so happy to terminate any further business with comcast

  14. bill Says:

    i like to share lil bit how comcast technical support handle my problem..they used good to help my problem..and always give a better sollution..since this couple weeks..its getting worst..and unproffesional..the way they talk and how to handle the problem..whats wrong with comcast now…

  15. Justin Says:

    I have had nothing but problems with comcast. I was first told (numerous, numerous times) that I would be getting a new customer promotion, 29.99 per month. My first bill was for 92.17! I immediately called comcast and was told this error would be corrected, so I went online and paid 29.99. Next bill, my total is 167.35!! I again called comcast, who explained that I only paid 29.99 out of my first bill and was consequently charged an $8 late fee plus a $5 processing fee in addition to my regular bill. I told the rep that I was only supposed to be paying 29.99 per month, and she told me (insincerely) how sorry she was and that everything was cleared up now. I again paid 29.99 only to get a collections letter in the mail for $242.53. I was appalled and immediately canceled my service. That was over 6 months ago and this is still not resolved. I am happy to pay more money for less product with a more honest company. I vow never to use comcast again.

  16. Ron B Says:

    I was having problems with my modem going out and I would have to unplug it and wait for it to reboot. They replaced the modem twice and I still had problems occasionally.
    When I called yesterday the checked the modem online and even though it was working they wanted to send someone out to check.
    Pete came out and checked the line, got into a bucket lift and went up into the line coming in from the street. He found the problem and called a “network guy” who came in a few minutes and also got into his bucket lift and in about two hours they totally fixed the problem.
    I have to say I was blown away by the great service!
    I sound like a company shill, but they could not have done any better or made me feel any more important.
    Good for Comcast, they seem to be getting their customer service together.

  17. Says:

    There is a old saying, Once a duck, that looks like a duck, smells like a duck is most likely a duck. Just because they changed the name to Exfinity means nothing. The culture is the same, they use the bate and switch rotine, they will use every trick in the book because they know they are the only show in town. Do not be fooled by the name change and the adds. They can change the name 100 more times. They are not in the business of caring about custmers. It’s about the money. If you don’t think so then sign up fo a contract then watch what happens.
    1) When you get disconnected without any notice or call.
    2) Price hike without any explaination, and no customer service who can explain why.
    3) Try and re-new your contact when it’s time (if you make it that long) the price goes way up. Then try to disconnect and watch the penality change.
    4) How about a service call between 8am to 5pm and no one show;s without a call. That will be your falt and a penelty charge. But don’t take my word just sign a contract and enjoy the ride. Remember a duck is a duck no mater how the quack keeps quacking. They need to stop the bull shit ans stop pissing people off. That don’t about customers at all.

  18. Jim in Illinois Says:

    I’ve had Comcast for years and I am very pleased with the service.

    All services have gliches,but Comcast always tries to do the right thing.

  19. Jill2 Says:

    Today a Comcast installed cable at my home and had to go into the attic. When he came down, I head a loud noise; but when I went to see, he had pushed the attic door shut.

    When he finished and left, I also left to run some errands.

    When I returned, the attic door was hanging down. It fell with such force, that I could not push it back up. I called Comcast and was given a service number to call when they knew that the service department was closed. So I am stuck with the attic door opened.

    I called another Comcast number and explain and was assured that someone would contact me within 24 hours! 24 hours with my attic door opened and stuck!

  20. j,a,m Says:

    I have never been as disgusted with the customer service of any company ,as I have , Comcast. The majority of their representatives don’t care because they know that comcast has a monopoly on the cable industry. What America should do is boycott this ruthless money guzzling company for just one week and we could break their backs. Give up cable for one week and put comcast out of business.They do not deserve hard earned money of Americans whose jobs they have shipped off to India, etc.

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