Join Richard Thaler online Sunday to chat about Nudge. Get those questions ready.

Firedoglake’s Book Salon is hosting an online forum this Sunday, April 5, to discuss Nudge. Richard Thaler will take questions  from readers (and interested non-readers). The discussion starts at 5 p.m eastern standard time, which means a late night for some of our readers in the U.K. (where it will be 10 p.m.) Thankfully, you can submit your questions in advance, and read them in the morning if you prefer. Thaler will do his best to answer any and all questioners.

You can find the discussion on the Firedoglake home page on Sunday afternoon.

Addendum: Since Firedoglake doesn’t seem to make submitting questions in advance easy at the moment, feel free to submit them here and they will be passed on to Richard Thaler.


One Response to “Join Richard Thaler online Sunday to chat about Nudge. Get those questions ready.”

  1. Mark Harrison Says:

    Dear Fellow Nudgers,

    Appreciate Mr Thaler is going to be very busy answering the questions but I had trouble figuring out how to leave my question on the Firedoglake site. So here they are and thank you in advance for the answer.

    How do the ontological hierachy of human needs affect individual use of the Automatic/Reflective decision making systems when a) Needs are met – good or low stress. b) Needs not met – bad or increasing stress?

    Thanks a million for the opportunity and for putting into print what I know to be valid in every day life!


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