Assorted links

1) Firedoglake chat with Richard Thaler has been posted.

2) Calling all behavioralist researchers: The National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health is awarding challenge grants of up to $1 million in a cross-section of areas that includes behavioral change. Deadline is April 27th. Some high priority areas are below:

01-AG-104 Test default options to promote healthier behaviors. Exploration by behavioral economists and clinicians to develop and test default options (e.g., placement of fresh fruit displays in stores, the location of parking spaces at the workplace) to promote healthier behaviors.

01-AG-106 Identifying phenotypic markers for positive behavior change. Identify reliable, robust intermediate phenotypic markers (using cognitive neuroscience and behavioral economics) that can be used to personalize approaches to support positive health behavior change in the near term. Examples include behavioral disinhibition, delay discounting, heart rate variability and implicit cognition.

01-AG-108 Capturing social network information for groups at high risk for negative health behaviors. Emerging evidence indicates that social networks influence health behaviors such as eating habits, alcohol consumption, and smoking. Research in this area is needed to enhance existing methodologies and/or devise novel methods that will capture social network information among groups at heightened risk for particular negative health behaviors.

3) Picking up on the smaller plate = fewer calories consumed nudge, an entrepreneur is hawking the diet plate in the U.K., the U.S., and Canada.


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