Can a horoscope save a baby’s life?

An organization in India called the Deepak Foundation has used a deeply rooted cultural practice to come up with an interesting nudge for improving infant mortality. Numbers on infant deaths in rural areas are often low because the inaccessibility of health facilities hinders accurate reporting of vital health indicators like birth weight. In many of these areas, a horoscope – known as a Janmakshar – is used to determine a baby’s name based on date and times of birth. Janmakshar’s are typically provided by religious groups, which charge a fee for them. The Deepak Foundation thinks that offering families a free Janmakshar in exchange for birth information can produce better statistics and healthier babies. The hope is that by identifying low birth weight babies, medical advice referrals can be provided more quickly and early breastfeeding can be started. Currently, Project Janmakshar, as it is known, is in a pilot stage, with the hope of expanding it to a rural area of 2 million people soon. A video explaining how the process works is below.


2 Responses to “Can a horoscope save a baby’s life?”

  1. David Glenn Says:

    This clever idea generates a wonderful trade for all involved parties. The creators paid attention to the culteral importance of horoscopes that require critical baby health information. Who knew horoscopes could be a platform for health planning. What cultural mores ask people to willingly give health professionals the ammo to do their jobs better in the US?

  2. baby nursery decoration Says:

    This sounds like a fantastic plan! Everyone wins. Information is provided for free to those with little money, vital information is given in return and, as a result, could save more children’s lives. It is often the basic ideas that have the most impact!

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