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Health nudge winners announced

June 4, 2009

Ashoka and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have announced the winners of the Designing for Better Health competition, which asked innovators around the world to come up with nudges for health and health care. The contest’s judges picked three winners, each of whom will receive $5,000 for their idea:

1) Healthy amazon. A program for turning waste in the largest Amazonian community in Peru into compost for vegetable gardens. The organization that came up with the program, San Francisco Saludable, gives compost away freely to anyone who contributes their recyclables, garbage, and trash, which is a serious problem in the area. The Spanish/English web site is here.

2) Just a cloth piece? A small, affordable piece of cloth that is meant to improve menstrual hygiene and spark conversations about an otherwise taboo topic. In India, where the project is based, women commonly use sand, wood ash, old rags, newspapers, and plastic bags as a substitute for sanitary pads. The organization responsible for the idea, GOONJ, is partnering with grassroots groups, NGOs, the Indian Army, and others to distribute the cloth pieces.

3) Child promoters on oral health. A Venezuelan program to help children, not nagging adults, teach other children about the importance of clean, healthy teeth. Poor dental care is common in Venezeula, and the program FundaciĆ³n BOCA SANA is intended to reach 20,000 kids between ages 3 and 12 each year. A project web site (in Spanish) is here.

Find out more about Ashoka’s contest and read the full entries here.