Can a pair of pants prevent bribery?

From Schneier on Security:

Nepal’s anti-corruption authority has come up with a novel solution to rampant bribe-taking at the country’s only international airport — the pocketless trouser.

The authority said it was issuing the new, bribe-proof garment to all airport officials after uncovering widespread corruption at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport.

Hat tip: Ana Nelson


2 Responses to “Can a pair of pants prevent bribery?”

  1. Sutirth Dey Says:

    One possible way in which this might backfire:
    When issued with pants without pockets, the airport officials will be forced to carry pouches or small bags to carry essentials like cell-phones, handkerchiefs etc. If these bags are big enough in size, they will hold more money than the trouser pockets, finally leading to an increase in bribe amount. It would be interesting to see how the current move works.

  2. Scamp Says:

    I think it more likely that airport employees will not be allowed to carry any personal items with them.

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