Assorted links

1) The outdoor retailer REI has a new iPhone app called “Bike Your Drive” that works like the feedback displays in cars. Besides standard data on average speed and distance traveled, it also tells you how many calories you’ve burned, the amount of carbon you’ve offset (compared to driving), and how much money you’ve saved on gas.

2) Jo Brodie loves Nudge, but thinks the layout of the dozen nudges chapter (which can be found on the blog) unnecessarily wastes paper.

It takes up nine pages, one is entirely blank and the first page has only the text “PART V: EXTENSIONS AND OBJECTIONS” on it (which I think could fit on page 3). My suggested nudge: once a file has gone to the printers, reformat it before loading it as a PDF on to a website.

3) Per Capita, an Australian think tank, goes all in with a new paper arguing for a choice architectural approach to policy making. The five key tools are:

1. Setting the default option in a set of choices
2. Offering ‘self-contracting’ to support commitment
3. Presenting and organising information
4. Designing physical spaces to guide behaviour
5. Supporting the development of social norms

4) Bob Nease over at the Center for Cost-Effective Consumerism says the following is a perfect dinner party nudge:


One Response to “Assorted links”

  1. mydiybaby Says:

    nice example – tells the story in an image, much to contemplate without the burden of acquiring another book. bravo

    hmm… i wonder, where did that pit come from? same number of olives on both plates. i’ll have to conclude the photographer had an olive in his mouth while shooting the first image…

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