The employees at the Phoenix airport probably get pretty good customer service ratings

Here’s the top of the customer service feedback form for the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – “America’s Friendliest Airport” (that slogan is trademarked).


Quite a strong prime. To Nudge blog readers who have flown out of Phoenix: Was your experience friendly?

Hat tip: Tom Vanderbilt

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2 Responses to “The employees at the Phoenix airport probably get pretty good customer service ratings”

  1. Don H. Says:

    My experience in Phoenix was friendly this last August. The normally no-nonsense, all business TSA officer who checked my ID was familiar with the small town in Washington State where I live and asked if I was enjoying that new bridge. Five seconds of small talk and an awareness of where I was from gave me a good feeling.

  2. Dave Hunt Says:

    I experienced this 5 weeks ago on a layover and ironically enough, right before I saw that, I had the girl at starbucks offer me the “extra” shot of espresso in my Latte. (which is normally just thrown away) You don’t get someone who works for a large chain like that being nice very often, so I raved about that experience.

    On my return trip, I put myself as the friendly airport employee. I think mostly because I wasn’t given any confirmation or follow up about my last comment, so my sense of being a contributing member dwindled.

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