Urnial flies aren’t just for grown-up guys

Julie Power, a Nudge blog reader with 7-year-old twins, knows that boys can be even messier than men. As she points out, “Most moms know nagging kids only backfires. They end up deaf to everything. And harassing boys about peeing straight is a losing battle.” Inspired by reading Nudge in her book club, Julie set out to adapt the urinal fly lesson to her home. She writes about the mission in the blog Moms to Work.

I wrote AIM in big red sharpie on the wall of the toilet bowl…in a spot cannily designed not to splash the seat or rim above.

It worked. The smell and odor has improved.

Spillage, not the word we use at home, has decreased markedly.

Only problem, my Sharpie pen keeps washing off. Next time, I’m going to try putting a sticker on the back of the toilet.


5 Responses to “Urnial flies aren’t just for grown-up guys”

  1. Jack Says:

    Other techniques I’ve seen used is floating cheerios in the toilet bowl–much more sanitary than having to put your hand in the bowl.

  2. Andrew Says:

    A client of mine told me that her mother used a ping pong ball to the same end with great effect.

  3. Jim Tobias Says:

    The Sharpie washing off is a feature, not a bug. Target practice is more fun if something happens! I had my sons drop a square of toilet tissue at the back of the bowl, and urged them to “slice it up until it sinks into the water”. The paper is great because it’s anti-splatter. I wonder if it’s possible to make a toilet bowl out of something that’s hygienic but has the same “damping damping” effect.

  4. ChrisIann Says:

    Check out the urinals at 110,000 seat Michigan Stadium — there are flies at the Big House.

  5. barbara Says:

    I teach Kindergarten. For many years I’ve wanted the school district
    to drain the toilets, paint a target like a dartboard game uses
    in the center bottom of the toilet, and see if little boys’
    aim improves. So far, no one has taken me seriously!

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