Break the email addiction. For an hour, at least.

Is email snuffing out your productivity? Facebook? Twitter? You might consider this Mac application called SelfControl that blocks access to all three accounts (or just one) for a predetermined block of time of time. You can still surf the web though, since you might need that for some actual research. Most importantly, once you run the program, you can’t stop it – even by restarting your computer or deleting the application!

Hat tip: Magdalena Kala

Addendum: A new year’s resolution featuring SelfControl.

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3 Responses to “Break the email addiction. For an hour, at least.”

  1. Pierre-Louis Says:

    It exists for PCs, it’s called tempation blocker:

  2. dave Says:

    @Pierre-Louis. The funny part of the webjillion page is the reference to Tiger Woods juxtaposed with “tempatation blocker”. The only problem is that they use Tiger as a positive example as opposed to someone in need of help.

  3. Jennifer Middleton Says:

    I have used a similar application called rescue time. It works by telling you exactly where you are spending your time each day…Its amazing to look at a week and see hours spent on IM / Mail programs.

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