Nudges in action

1) Vail Resorts, partnering with the National Forest Foundation, adds $1 to each Vail Resorts season pass or overnight stay at a Vail Resorts property, which guests can ask to have deducted from their total. (Hat tip: Brandon Hough)

2) Whole Foods has a similar donation program called One Dime at a Time where customers can have the 10 cent refund they receive for each renewable bag be given to a local charity. Unlike the more popular opt-in programs, One Dime at a Time operates along a mandated choice paradigm where customers are asked if they’d like to donate their refund to charity. Of course, the social pressure that comes with publicly asking a customer if she would like to keep or give $0.30 on her $50 grocery bill to a local and worthy cause probably plays a role in encouraging donations.

3) Target turns the self-service checkout register into a game in order to encourage faster scanning by its customers. (Hat tip: Inge Kuijper)

4) In order to see the top free apps at Apple’s App Store, you have to see the top paid apps too.

5) The Australian mobile phone company Optus charges customers who want paper bills and doesn’t provide a direct link to the electronic bill in the monthly billing email it sends customers. Instead, customers have to navigate through a series of ads promoting Optus services to reach their bill. (Hat tips for 4 and 5: Jeromy Anglim)

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One Response to “Nudges in action”

  1. Pavel D Says:

    Number 4 and 5 are really irritating and place a real cost (time) on the users. Does this really qualify as a nudge? It seems more like a marketing shove…
    In general, someone has to draw the line on what constitutes a nudge pretty soon, otherwise the term will become useless.

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