Five guys wants you to order the big burger

So how do they nudge you? It’s all in the labels and the menu architecture, says reader D. M. Westervelt.

Anywhere else, said larger burger would be deemed a “double” (“double cheeseburger”, “double double”). Not at Five Guys; for them a “hamburger” is two patties and a “little hamburger” is one patty. And, on the menu board, theĀ hamburger is on the far left column and the “little hamburger” is in the next column over. The difference? 220 calories and about $1.50.

Addendum: Five Guys is a burger and fries chain that originally started in Virginia.

Addendum too: In a standard two-panel folding restaurant menu, the upper-right-hand corner is prime real estate. It’s not clear where the best place is when the menu is plastered high on a wall behind the counter.

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4 Responses to “Five guys wants you to order the big burger”

  1. Donnie Says:

    I think the prime spot on a posted menu is top-right. That’s where McDonald’s has their #1, the Big Mac combo.

  2. Donnie Says:

    Ahhh, scratch that. I meant top-left.

  3. Mike Yeomans Says:

    Re: Addendum Too – the other extreme

    I’m a big fan of the McDonald’s salads, and when I went to a McDonalds in Boston (for SJDM) the salads weren’t even on the standard light-backed menu near the ceiling. They were on a separate menu, laminated paper glued to a sheet of cardboard, about three feet off the ground and behind the cashier at the end. I had to ask the cashier if they even had salads, and she pointed out the dirty little corner I could find them in.

    I’m thinking McDonald’s wants to send different signals in Downtown Boston than in South Side Chicago? It’s not like the profit margin is any lower.

    Also, top-left is tough because each cashier is in a different position. The drive-thru menu is probably a better test.

  4. Dorota Lopez Says:

    I think Five Guys has a great atmosphere and friendly service. That certainly gets me through the door, but their quality of food is always lacking for me. The flash factor mood and menu cater to my nudge-ability but I listen and value my tastebuds opinions too!

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