Urinals part X

From an Umbro ad similar to urinals part III.



3 Responses to “Urinals part X”

  1. Monica Hamburg Says:

    While I think this is adorable and love the idea of influencing people with these nudges, I can’t help but think if you need a game to keep you motivated to avoid urinating all over the bathroom, something’s not quite right.

  2. D Murtagh Says:

    If you pee on the ball won’t it splash outside the bowl thus defeating the purpose of having the ball in the first place?

  3. Ben Says:

    I was at Smokey Bones the other day and saw something I want to point out on this blog. It was a football field goal post with a football attached to urinal screen in the urinal and it was genius! The website of the company that makes them is at http://www.direct-aim.com and every sports bar should have these!”

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