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Miss Illinois, a Nudge fan, answers our questions

February 17, 2009

Miss Illinois Katie Lorenz is a big fan of Nudge. “It makes me think about how I can use my status as a role model to help influence people to make the best decisions possible for them,” she told the Chicago Tribune.

miss-illinois-1Lorenz, a graduate of the University of Michigan and an MBA student at Loyola University in Chicago, volunteers as a Make-A-Wish Foundation Wish Granter, English as a Second Language tutor, and as a Deputy Registrar for the State of Illinois. She helped raise over $30,000 for the Chicago non-profit Christopher House, and regularly speaks to high school students about the importance of community activism.

She recently participated in the Miss America Pageant, and took some time afterward to answer our questions about her interest in the book, and about beauty pageant heuristics and choice architecture.

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