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More on the “fool your kids” parenting strategy

May 14, 2009

Reader Kathi Rosen writes in with this terrific nudge related to the asparagus study.

Your story about the “you loved asparagus as a child” reminded me of a nudge I provided for my son lo these many years ago. He was three years and three months old. He was still in diapers. We had tried all sorts of methods to potty-train—-bribery, books, encouragement, praise…..nothing. When asked, he would just shake his head and say “I can’t know how to use the potty.” The doctor kept saying “when he’s ready”, but finally, I was more than ready. One morning, my son awoke bright and early. I said to him in an excited voice, “Guess what? While you were sleeping, you learned how to use the potty! You know how, now!” He looked at me for a few seconds, then exclaimed, “Oh, yeah, I do!” He ran to the potty and used it right away. And……he never needed another diaper or even had an accident from that moment on. Many difficult moments in child-rearing could have been avoided if I had only pondered the significance of this episode more fully.