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Thaler on Yale press podcast, Sunstein at Cato

May 2, 2008

Richard Thaler gets the second half of this Yale University Press podcast. The recording lasts about 29 minutes. Thaler’s interview starts at approximately minute 14.

Cass Sunstein was in Washington yesterday where he spoke on a panel about libertarian paternalism at the Cato Institute. Click here to watch (via Real Player) or listen to an mp3 of the one hour and thirty minute event. Sunstein kicks off the discussion with a 20-minute lecture. Terrence Chorvat of George Mason University Law School and Will Wilkinson of Cato Institute then respond. The panel concludes with about 30 minutes of questions.

Sunstein brings up overconfidence studies that find 90 percent of drivers and professors think they are better than the average driver and professor – which we know is mathematically impossible! The only people who don’t exhibit such overconfidence? The clinically depressed.