Some fresh ground pepper for your chocolate souffle?

Dan Goldstein at Decision Science News recounts a wonderful little story featuring Shlomo Benartzi.

Decision Science News was having dinner with Shlomo Benartzi recently, not far from his beloved Four Seasons Hotel in New York. At the end of the meal, a chocolate souffle was ordered. Halfway through the souffle, Benartzi asked “would you like any more of this?” Decision Science News declined and watched as Benartzi took the peppermill in hand and peppered the souffle. The website was thinking that this might be interesting to taste, but then salt was added to the mix.

“There,” grinned Shlomo, “now we won’t eat too much. A little trick I learned.”

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3 Responses to “Some fresh ground pepper for your chocolate souffle?”

  1. adora Says:

    I heard from a friend in film business that Hollywood actresses often put a lot of salt or hot sauce in their food so that they can’t eat much.

  2. Katie Says:

    One could also just ask the dessert to be brought with a take home box so as not to waste the leftovers.

  3. pepper mills Says:

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